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North West Wedding Photographer
North West Wedding Photographer
HI there, I’m Chris. Proud owner and lead photographer at Carpe Diem Photography. I live in Middlewich Cheshire with my beautiful wife Paula, stepdaughter Alice, our crazy Staffie, Bella and three cats Toby, Harvey and Dexter.
Although I am incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a thriving business my career path has certainly been interesting and varied! I have always been a sucker for fast food and began my working days like many others as a skilled burger flipper at McDonald's, before really climbing the fast food ladder to work in Dominoes.  I realised quickly however that fast food restaurants weren’t my calling in life and I graduated from the University of Derby with BA(hons) degree in Business Management in 2005. Since then I have taken on the roles of a bank clerk, estate agent and Control Room Operator with Cheshire Police. I really loved working with the police if only for the frequent absurd calls we would take from members of the public. Of course, keeping them safe was very rewarding but I could write an epic blog on the bizarre reasons people would call in with! It’s safe to say though that setting up and running Carpe Diem Photography has been my biggest achievement and something I am incredibly proud of.
The journey of Carpe Diem Photography started back in 2009. I had no idea back then the level of success, enjoyment and fulfilment I was going to acquire from starting a business from scratch with little funding and pretty basic equipment. Today, some 8 years later a lot has changed. It’s crazy to write here that I have shot over 600 weddings in all corners of the UK. It’s beyond belief that I am the proud recipient of some of the most prestigious local, national and international wedding photography awards. What a journey! It is one that I am certainly very proud of and I am incredibly thankful to each and every one of my couples who have entrusted me with the honour of photographing their wedding day.
These days I live, sleep and breathe photography. Any time where I am not shooting or editing a wedding or meeting my amazing couples I am either training with the world’s leading photographers or passing on my knowledge and experience to others through workshops and mentoring. It really is such an honour to help other photographers at different stages of their career take their skills to the next level and watch them thrive.