We would love to photograph your wedding, we are passionate about it. With 2 photographers at every wedding we aim to capture everything and have a lot of fun whilst doing so. We have designed this page is designed to give you a little insight it what to expect on your big day.

Never to early to start planning your wedding

We get asked all the time, is it too soon to book? The answer is no. More often than not our couples book us 1-3 years in advance, giving lots of time for planning. However our wedding bookings tend to be spread out throughout the year, so feel free to contact us anytime, we may be available even if your wedding is next week. We have taken photos at over 550 weddings now since 2010, so are very experienced in what we do. We would like to share with you what we have to offer. We are constantly updating our social media, have a look through using the links below.

Each part of the day in detail

There are a few parts of the day to consider when allowing enough time, and what to expect, we have broken each part down to help with your planning of the day.

Bridal preparations

We arrive around 2 hours prior to the ceremony (plus any travelling time to the venue/church), we aim to capture everything in detail, such as your dress, shoes, flowers Jewellery and hair and makeup, we do not want to be in the way, we will capture everything as its happening, though we would never say no to a coffee.

Groom prep

If groom gets ready in the same hotel/place as the bride, it makes photographing both easy, if not, most grooms ask us to meet us at the church/venue prior to the ceremony. There are numerous options for this we can discuss at our meeting.
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Family Formals

We aim to take your family photos using minimal time, Nina will arrange everyone, while Chris will take your photos, we allow for 20-30 minute for all the group photos depending on how many you choose to have,. Groom shot with all guests Bride and Groom with whole wedding party confetti photo Bride and Groom with Brides immediate family (parents and siblings) Bride and Groom with Grooms immediate family (parents and siblings) Bride and Groom with both sets of parents Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Bride with Bridesmaids Groom with Groomsmen
Wedding Photography Cheshire

Couples portraits


Our favourite part of the day, and always great fun, is capturing portrait photos of the bride & groom. We would allow 20 mins for this after the group photos, but allow enough time for you to go back to your guests before your wedding breakfast. The majority of the time we can take these outside, though sometimes, especially during the winter months, may take the photos inside, either way, your photos will look amazing. 

Wedding Photography Cheshire

Natural photos

Throughout the day, we will try and capture as many natural shots as possible, in fact we will never put of cameras down. The best time to captures those special times is after the ceremony when guests are congratulating you, during speeches and after the wedding breakfast when everyone is relaxing. 

Wedding Photography Cheshire

Room details

You put a lot of effort into decorating your room, we want to capture the details as much as possible. Straight after your portraits we will go into the room for around 10 mins and snap away, taking as many photos as possible of all the details. 


Wedding Photography Cheshire


It has most likely taken you a long time to pick the perfect venue, a place to hold all of those special memories. We try and capture this as much as possible, either prior to bridal prep or during your wedding breakfast, depending on time. We capture every aspect, whether it be from the skies with our drone or the details inside, no stone will be left unturned. 


Wedding Photography Cheshire

Epic Photos 

In the evening after your meal, or after the first dance in the summer, we will take the bride and groom off for 20 mins or so and create something really special. This of course is optional but we would highly recommend it, we can take a little bit more time to set up our lights, and create something dramatic. 

Wedding Photography Cheshire

First Dance & Party

At around 8-8:30pm you will cut your cake and go straight into your first dance. This is a great time for us to capture the fun of your wedding, we will stay for a few songs after the first to capture the fun of the dance floor, this usually takes around 20 mins for us to get everything we need. If there is something extra special you are planning for the evening we would love to hear about it. 

Wedding Photography Cheshire

After the Wedding...


After your wedding, you will no doubt be on your honeymoon, we will return to the office and upload your photos to our computer, they are then backed up to 2 external hard drives for safe keeping, this takes a few hours to back everything up. We will post a preview of your day on our Facebook page and Instagram, though we will always ask permission first.

Depending on the time of year, it will take us between 4-5 to work through and edit your photos, once ready we will of course let you know and post them out to you first class on USB. You will receive full printing rights, so put them on social media, share with your friends. On average you will receive between 400-800 edited images, depending on how the day goes, there is no limit though, we will be taking photos all day. 

For those of you that have an album included in your package, we ask that your photo selection is emailed across to us within 4 months of receiving them (after 4 months there will be a £100 late fee). Once you have selected your photos, it takes around 1-3 weeks to have the design ready, once it's ready we will invite you to come and view the design and pick the cover before it's ordered from Italy.